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Unique test track for rail-bound traffic

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Rail Test Nordic is to become a complete test facility for different forms of railway equipment, trains and technical development of track, infrastructure and high voltage equipment.

telefon dejting The test track is 75 km long each way and with loops at both ends the total length is 150 km. Its geographical location in the cross path between Arvidsjaur and Jörn in northern Sweden makes it ideal for testing purposes. Here there are climatic conditions, the expertise and basic infrastructure to solve the problems. The test facility is unique as it can be sectioned-off from other traffic for exclusive use as a test track.

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Ultimate test results in real- life environments

dejtingsidor norrbotten There is a large and increasing need for equipment and component testing in order to ensure that they can cope with various environments and stresses. The testing facility provides new opportunities to carry out time-consuming durability testing. At the facility tracks, points, high-voltage systems and other parts of the infrastructure can be tested and developed without any risk of interrupting regular traffic.

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